It should mount like this or just cut off the rail just before you get to the sight and mount the rings accordingly. Fixed systems are just thatfixed to your rifle. Mount appears strong and the color match the scope. Then just cut the rail off a tenth or two behind the rear sight. The rifle's wood was dense, dark and nicely grained, which seems . Since JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to properly navigate, add items to your cart, or place an order. Re: Henry Single Shot scope mount. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and analytics. Anyone shoot a Henry single shot and have a rail mounted to it? Note: Early version base will fit ALL H015 Seriessingle shot rifles but the Current version will only fit current models. We recommend buying the Grovtec hammer extension (GHM 283) from Henry if you plan on using a scope on the rifle. . This mount will only fit Henry firearms that have drilled and tapped receivers. The Picatinny rail systems and accessory rails are lightweight, rugged, and versatile to meet your shooting needs. They are still superb rifles (we have two), but the price has steadily increased over the years to over $1,500. Henry Single Shot Rifle: Best Single Shot Rifle for the Money. These new rifles use a familiar locking lever on top of the frame, behind the external hammer spur, to break the barrel open. However, not everyone wants a lever action rifle and with the bolt-action rifle market flooded with products, the logical next niche for Henry Arms to fill was with a single-shot firearm. A Weaver-style scope mount was widely famous during the 1900s. It even comes with mounting screws and a driver head for the included screws. (Marlin 1894 and Henry Big Boys). You will have to remove the rear sight for the 44 Mag and 45-70 calibers Only. Tip-off mounts, like the sturdy lever-release rings from Warne on this Ruger 10/22, allow a quick switch from open sights to scope without losing your zero. Hunting, Shooting, Tactical, and Outdoor Supplies. I had the following 3 products on mine. We understand some of the reasons for the trend (lower manufacturing costs, faster assembly lines and misleading advertising), but we fail to understand why so many companies have just given up on producing firearms the old fashioned way. Im looking for info on scope mount options other than weaver style. But as you mentioned a Mossberg mount might work. I almost bought one from prophet river. Don't delay - once it's gone, it's gone! These old-style singles come in five calibers .223, .243, .308, .44 Magnum and .45-70 and debuted in late 2017. Useful for rifles with a built-in dovetail rail and rimfire rifles. I tryed to post pic. In 2011 we began shipping 2nd generation Brass Big Boy rifles which feature receivers that are drilled and tapped for the scope mount. Copyright 2000-2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brass frame guns (#H015B) are offered in .44 Rem. 6 Items. This top-mount is made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and has a gloss black finish. The rail mounte Get 10% Off - Subscribe to Our Email List, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Scope Mount, Henry Orderable Models, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Scope Mount, Henry Unavailable & Discontinued Models. Really nice fit from an American company. and the Cheaper Than Dirt symbol are registered trademarks of Direct Investments LTD. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. One-inch tubes dominate the market, followed by 30mm. The rear sight has to be taken off to install the rail. This rifle produced consistent groups measuring around 3/4" (center-to-center). Make no mistake though - while some might consider a single-shot an entry-level proposition, we build these to the same high standards as all of our fine centerfire rifles, and not to be a budget model in any sense of the word. I have mine mounted to an Heirloom Henry Long Ranger and it fits perfect (Heirloom just means we got to pick our serial numbers). Buy precision machined DNZ Gamer Reaper scope mounts for your Henry Long Ranger rifles & Big Boy guns. Picatinny Scope Mount for Henry Single Shots. $109.95 Best Seller. Torque Wrench Kit. Use this form, or call toll-free 844-451-1899. Scope Tube Diameter. red dot scope, green dot scope, or a reflex sight to complete the package. We might also add, if he can't make a quality firearm, he won't make it. H015-3030 in 30-30 Wi n. H015-4570 and H015B-4570 in 45/70. We recommend buying the Grovtec hammer extension (GHM 283) from Henry if you plan on using a scope on the rifle. Covering everything from coyotes to moose, in steel the calibers include .223, 243, .308, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .30-30 and .45-70; and in brass .44 Mag, .357 Mag and .45-70. Nothing seems cheap about it. Ring/base combo also available for 2nd gen, linked below. Please read carefully before making your purchase: To optimize accuracy, Henry Scope Mounts are available on this page for the following models H001, H002, H003, H004, H005 and H006/H012. After mounting a Weaver Classic K-4 scope on our Henry .30-30 for the purposes of this review, Guns and Shooting Online Managing Editor Chuck Hawks and Technical Assistant Bob Fleck took our Henry .30-30 to the Izaak Walton rifle range south of Eugene, Oregon to see how it would perform. The scope or mount will then sit as close to the rifle as possible to allow for proper cheek weld. USA Made Weaver Brand Scope Mount Rail Fits Marlin 22 36 45 62 336 375 Rifles. Weaver one-piece aluminum base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit.Base offers maximum strength for rings to hold tight and cross-lock design to fit a variety of rings.Fits- henry 30/30, 45/70 big boy; marlin 45, 30as, 336, 444, 1893, 1894, 1895, camp9, 922m, 989, 22 auto; mossberg 640; western field 740. Use this form, or call toll-free 844-451-1899. Mounting Hardware: #6-48 X 1/4 Screws and T-10 Bit Included. The TALLEY Rings do not have recoil lugs. I can't remember which rings (sorry), but they were a high ring. Clear. If I were to do it again I'd like to try a ghost ring sight with it as the stock is really set up for iron sights and I prefer a ghost ring to open sights. Thanks guys. After considerable design planning and in-house testing, Henry Repeating Arms launched their single shot centerfire rifle line in September 2017. Quantity. Weaver : Rings and Mounts. Hunting small game with a .22 LR lever action might require more magnification than going after a hog up close with a .44 Mag. Mounting Screws are included. #1 Side Mount Base fits Anschutz 1568; Carcano Military Action; CIL 830 & 950, 950C . 2. I saw that pic online. Weaver. Scope Mounting; Best Seller. In this article we want to discuss the new break-open, Single Shot Rifle produced by Henry Repeating Arms Co. Henry Arms is a company founded by CEO Anthony Imperato that only produces high quality firearms and does so at reasonable prices. All Shotguns; Bolt Action Shotguns; . The product-sales-price is USD 44.99. a Weaver base to your rifle for a scope to increase accuracy and range. . Top Mount TC TCR 405 Blk Aluminum Bases. Henry Talley Ring Base Sets (H015 Series Single Shots) $ 49.99. Their video on Youtube shows a very nice leather one with cartridge loops. Simplistic, reliable design. / AndyLarsson- All Rights Reserved, WARNE 7.3 Rimfire Rings will fit our mount. By all means get the hammer spur sold by Henry. Feb 5, 2023 (Edited) Any mount for H&R/NEF single shots will work, early rifles may require modification of the mount due to overhang at the rear, Henry fixed that on later production. By this time, some of you are wondering, why would we want a single shot rifle? Second Media Inc., 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. Fits 336/1895 (and all large frame) Marlin . I can't seem to find the proper number to order. "Always do right, this will gratify some and astonish the rest" - Mark Twain. OSU_Sig # 16196056 06/24/21. Weaver scope mount N2 or N3 are listed as fitting model 67. From all of us left-handed people, "thank you Mr. We fired multiple three and four shot groups from a bench rest using our Caldwell Tack Driver bag at 100 yards. All Shotguns; Bolt Action Shotguns . Steel Base for Henry H015 Single Shot (Current Production) 252420 $ 47.95. We've added our own touch here though- the . They looked nice .The owner asked what calibers we would like to see and the .303 British came up,reply "we may look into that for you".A .22 Hornet as well perhaps. We are not sure how they do it, but by whatever means they are using, keep it up! Sometimes you want a gun that you can "spray and pray.". They want a longer review but it is a simple piece of metal material. $19.99. Every Classic Rimfire scope incorporates many of the exact same features found on Weaver's top-of-the-line models. Took about a month to receive . $39.99. If your model is not listed, please skip to the bottom of the page. Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail Scope Mount, Henry Long Ranger, 0 MOA, Aluminum, Matte Black, 46210, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail Scope Mount, Henry Big Boy, 4.30in, Aluminum, Matte Black, 46300, Open Box, Dealer Demo, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail Scope Mount, Henry Long Ranger, 0 MOA, Aluminum, Matte Black, 46210, Open Box, Dealer Demo, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail Scope Mount, Henry Single Shot/H015, 0 MOA, 5.094in, Aluminum, Matte Black, 46201, Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Scope Mount, Henry, All Evolution Gun Works Weapon Accessories Reviews. Generating up to 1500 ft/lbs of energy, the .38-55 was certainly no slouch in its day. Caliber: .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO (also available in .243 Winchester and .308 Winchester), Rear Sight: Fully adjustable folding leaf, Scope Ready: Drilled and tapped for Weaver 48082 base, Stock: American Walnut w/steel swivel studs. -Editor) Jim likes the challenge of using a single shot rifle, whether it be a muzzleloader or a centerfire. Both use a 7/64 . In the mid-1880s, the medium bore .38-55 cartridge hit the market as a single-shot and lever-action rifle round and quickly grew in popularity for hunters and target shooters alike. Dovetail Mounts - a unique/rare interface. The Henry H015-223 comes with an adjustable folding rear leaf sight and a brass bead front sight. . Henry Scope Bases - Attach We mounted a Sightron SII 3-9x42mm riflescope on our test rifle using Weaver High Quad Lock rings to ensure that the hammer cleared the scope. That one had this rail on it I think, and the rear sight was still on it. Henry EGW H015 Series Single Shot Picatinny Rail $27.99. Typically ships within 1 to 2 business days. I have been using them successfully on the "Pistol" Caliber mounts. contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()); The Country Shed LLC. Th for sale by baystategunbuyers on the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 953253464 SKU: N/A Categories: 30mm Scope Rings, Henry, Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts Tags: 30mm Scope Rings, Henry, HENRY H015. Barrel Length: 22 in. Was probably going to do the same if wasn't a factory type option. Maybe they got this sorted out /bedding or just some flawed wood? Weaver No. Buy it. Long and Short bases give correct spacing for compact or large scopes. (These Large Frame Marlin and Henry rifles use the same sight/mount), The EXPRESS SCOPE MOUNTsight ships with a .096" (std) aperture installed. No matter what you do to it, the ungainly "black stick" will never be pleasing to the eye. Henry's singe-shot in .350 Legend joins the .450 Bushmaster as the two additions to the company's single-shot line in 2021. Again, since the mount and scope are low, I needed a hammer extension and Henry came to the rescue with a Grovtec ambidextrous . We were fortunate to get one of the first models in our requested caliber of .223 Remington. Beartooth comb raising kit and higher rings. Be sure the firearm is unloaded, then use a blunt punch(brass, wooden dowel, etc.) With the multitude of scopes available in the marketplace, we cannot match specific scope models to mount heights and it would be best to consult with Talley Manufacturing Inc in such cases. Caliber: 357 Magnum / 38 Special. Free Standard Shipping on Qualifying Orders over $85.00! Single Shot Rifles; Other Rifles; Shotguns. With the help of the Henry staff, I received one of their Talley one-piece mounts (or Weaver #82) with 1-inch rings to hold a Redfield 3-9x 40mm scope. The Weaver 82 scope base is a stupid design with that flat spot on the back where a ring slot should be. I'm sort of a butcher when it comes to moding stuff. Use theQD (quick detach) rings forchanging from Scope to Peep in the field. The guy said he filed a grove to fit the rear sight. New New New. Any questions? Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! All Henry Scope Mounts accept Weaver-style detachable 1" top mount rings. The wide variety of scope mounting systems makes choosing rings and bases about as confusing as choosing a rifle or scope. Henry Big Boy (H006, H012) Picatinny Rail SKU:46300 From. $125.95 Optics Deals . I have not tested the Rimfire rings on the larger "Rifle" Calibers. Weaver Top-Mount Scope Base #82 Gloss Shop All Featured Ammunition Featured Reloading Supplies Featured Gun Parts Featured Guns Air Guns Ammunition . New Page 1. Scope Mount: Weaver 82; Overall Length: 37.5 in; Weight: 6.94 lbs; Stock: American Walnut; Henry Scope Mounts are designed to optimize the accuracy of Henry models such as the H001, H002, H003, H004, H005, and H006/H012. That reputation is absolutely correct. Imperato.". Scope Mount for Henry Single Shots. #9. However, do not get the idea that this is just an old design that is being remanufactured in the 21st century. 2nd generation Brass Big Boys start with the following serial numbers: ALL H012 Series guns are 2nd Generation. FOR THE MARLIN 1894 . Hello. Machined From: Domestic 6061 T6 Extruded AluminumFinish: Matte Black OnlyMounting Hardware: #6-48 X 1/4 Screws and T-10 Bit IncludedHole 1 to 2: 1.296"Hole 2 to 3: 1.0"Overall Length of Mount: 5.094". Having only one shot ensures that you take proper care in placing your shot and only firing when you are certain of a clean kill. The scope does have to sit up fairly high in order to get to the hammer, even with a hammer spur. The following targets answer the question of accuracy. Made in America, these Henry Lever Action Scope Mounts made by Talley Manufacturing offer a unique and simplified one-piece integrated scope ring and base solution for Henry Lever Action Models H009, H010, H014, H018 and H024 rifles. Henry updated and improved the original designs. Description. Jim has plans to buy another Henry Single Shot in .308 caliber for deer hunting. . We recommend buying the . There has to be options right? item 7 Silver Weaver / Picatinny Scope Mount For Henry Rifle ALL WEATHER 30-30 & 45-70 Silver Weaver / Picatinny Scope Mount For Henry Rifle ALL . We are happy to help. There is no manual safety to fumble, nor is one necessary. Look on their site under parts. H015-243Y (Youth) in 243 Win. A forum community dedicated to the great outdoors and hunting enthusiasts. Pictures of the Henry Single shot from Mrcrossbow. Scope rings themselves are sized based on the diameter of the scope's tube. Henry scope bases and rings are an ideal addition to Henry lever-action rifles. Weaver specified N2 as a low mount that may require modification of the bolt handle, and N3 as a high mount with no mention of modification. If you aren't good with a small file then pre-fit the scope and make sure you can get the rings to work in a cross slot behind the rear sight. Size. Whether you are a bolt gun or lever gun shooter, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these Henry Single Shot Rifles, either as a backup or as your primary rifle. The single shot rifle niche has only one serious competitor, the Ruger No.1, and they are now outsourced to a specialty shop and sold as distributor specials. Medium is 1.080 ***See H&R to order Henry Single Shot Rifles. Yup, I did the same. The wood to metal fit of the American walnut stock and fore end are the best we have seen. . 59 East 1st StreetBayonne, NJ 07002Tele: 844-451-1899, The Henry Original Gun Case for H011 Series Rifles, Limited Edition Henry Duluth Pack Case For Brass Axe. Henry Repeating Arms Talk by Henry Repeating Arms, Henry Talley Ring Base Sets (H015 Series Single Shots), Henry Scope Mounts | Scope Mounts for Henry Long Ranger & Big Boy, Blackpowder Mortar & Cannon by Seacoast Artillery, Hand Loading Rifles & Handguns by Diamond K Brass, Bolt Action Rifles Sponsored by Camera Land. Any mount for H&R/NEF single shots will work, early rifles may require modification of the mount due to overhang at the rear, Henry fixed that on later production. Chambered in .357 Mag., it has a 7+1 capacity. Support NRA American Hunter DONATE. We are happy to help. It can be loaded down with . Henry Steel Frame Single Shot H015-223 Rifle. Picatinny Mounts - the best interface for target/tactical rifles. An internal interlock system does not allow the barrel to open if the hammer is cocked, or the barrel to close if the hammer is cocked while the action is open. Height of the mount: Measure from the top of the receiver to the centerline of the scope tube. how did sidney gottlieb die, jack diamond obituary, how to get primal groudon in pixelmon,

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